How Greed and Arrogance RUINED a Danish Lord: The Story of Lord Bendtner

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Now if you’ve been a football fan since around the mid 2000s and 2010s, there’s a classic name you’ve might have heard of – Lord Bendtner. Over the years, his name hasn’t been as remembered as It once was, but make no mistakes, alongside the legendary Akinfenwa and lingardinho, he was definitely up there as one of the most iconic and infamous football memes of all time. But have you ever wondered how he became one? So today, we’re gonna look at the downfall of Nicklas Bendtner , aka, Lord Bendtner and see how he became known as one of football’s biggest memes and downfalls. Leave a like if you enjoyed and let me know what video to make next 🙏 ❤️ Love you all

0:00-1:13 The Luxury Life
1:14-1:53 Remember This Meme?
1:54-3:18 How To Become A Lord
3:19-7:18 The Rise of Bendtner
7:18-11:56: Lord Bendtner is Born

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